What Is SCUTE?

Scute is our solution for protecting your fishing rod. The toughest and most ergonomic fishing rod case you can buy.

  • Add extra protection in the right place. The full length side opening case allows you to place extra protection in the right place for extreme travel protection

  • Use for long term rod storage in your home / work and all vehicles and boats

  • Use for long distance travel, Airline approved

  • Easily roof mounted for roof racks.

Tough. Safe. Functional.

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Scute is our solution for protecting your fishing rod

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The toughest and most ergonomic fishing rod case you can buy


Hi, I'm Wade Kalajzich, a local fisherman in Geraldton, Western Australia. After years of fishing around Western Australia and breaking the tips and guides off my rods, I wanted a fishing rod case / tube that worked and saved my $ so I made one! It took me 10 years, but I got there!

Around 3 years ago I teamed up with Adam Goodrum who is an industrial designer (as well as a really good mate!). We started a business called Safe Passage.

Over the last few years we've been working on designing and proto-typing an Australian designed & Aussie made, side opening fishing rod case that can hold your fishing rods in suspension. We are proud to introduce our fishing rod case that we've named SCUTE. It holds between 6 and 9 rods in suspension brackets with 2 different internal configurations holding between 6 & 9 rods. It's been TESTED, is TOUGH, RUGGED & looks like something you want in your arsenal!

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    Wade Kalajzich

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What’s wrong with my homemade plumbing pipe ‘rod’ tube?

Sliding fishing rods in and out of an end opening case normally knocks the guides on other fishing rods. Guides and tips regularly break. This will really spoil your fishing trip.

Loose fishing rods inside your rod tube can damage each other. Guides are brittle. If they get a knock they may crack. Tips can be broken off.

How long is SCUTE?

SCUTE comes in 3 standard lengths, 1.8m, 2.0m and 2.2m.

What length fishing rods fit in SCUTE?

Your fishing rod must be at least 30 mm / 1 inch shorter than the length of the SCUTE fishing rod case that you buy. For example a 2.2m SCUTE will hold a rod up to 2.17m or 85.4 inches.

How many fishing rods can SCUTE take?

The original SCUTE (yes there are 2 versions) will hold up to 6 heavy class fishing rods. SCUTE NAKED will hold 9 rods when fishing across a range of weight classes from heavy boat rods through to light tackle. SCUTE NAKED has been snuggly loaded with 12 fishing rods in the ‘light tackle’ range.

Can I take SCUTE on the plane?

Yes. SCUTE has been on and off domestic planes around Australia without any problems or handling delays.

How strong is SCUTE?

It’s a tough case. It has been dropped from over 2 metres / 6 feet on many occasions. It has been stored loose in the back of a utility and travelled thousands of kilometres. No fishing rods have been damaged to date. The SCUTE prototype is still going strong. Just a couple of scratches to go with the baggage stickers.

Can I put SCUTE on my roof racks?

You bet. It looks pretty cool on your car or van. Use tie downs like you would for any other load.

What colour is SCUTE?

SCUTE fishing rod cases are available in matt black and clear anodised finishes. Custom colours also available https://duluxpowders.com.au/colour/

How much does SCUTE cost?

SCUTE fishing rod cases retail in Australia for $245 AUD excluding delivery. Delivery to capital cities within Australia is $33. Delivery to regional areas incurs a surcharge.

SCUTE fishing rod cases have the same retail cost outside of Australia (~$170 US). Remember to allow for your governments duties and taxes. We are working on agreeing fixed delivery costs for territories outside of Australia. Subscribe and stay tuned.

I am overseas (outside of Australia), can I buy a SCUTE now?

We are able to deliver to the following locations at this time;

When will I get my SCUTE fishing rod case?

SCUTE is a start-up venture. We are launching via a crowdfund platform. SCUTE is planned to be in production by the end of August 2019 with deliveries commencing November 2019.

How long will SCUTE last?

SCUTE is made of a solid alloy outer shell (scute) and a combination of industrial strength components including nylon injection moulded parts, HD EVA lining and nylon and steel straps and buckles. It has been made to take a beating.

Why alloy (aluminium)?

Aluminium Alloy is stable in marine environments. Its light compared to metal. Its strong compared to plastic. It just seemed like the right choice.

How heavy is SCUTE?

SCUTE 2.2m / 86.6 inch is around 6kg / 13lb unloaded. With a full set of fishing rods across a range of weight classes it’s normally between 7kg / 15lb and 8 kg / 17lb. SCUTE is best loaded with rods ‘top and tail’ it is well balanced making it very manageable as a piece of luggage walking on street or in an airport.

Can I use SCUTE to store my rods when not in use?

SCUTE was designed to be used to store your fishing rods as well as transporting them. SCUTES internal configuration is so functional that there is no need to buy other rod holders. SCUTE can be wall mounted and left in the open position so your rods are on display and ready for use. SCUTE will even stand up on its own (best to tie it off though). It hurts if it falls on you!

Is SCUTE waterproof?

No, SCUTE is not waterproof or dustproof. SCUTE was designed to breathe (a little). You don’t want moisture trapped in your fishing rod case. SCUTES ability to breath reduces the effects of deterioration as a result of moisture stored in the case


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